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Baby Yoda’s undeniable cuteness earned him a record breaking spot in all of our hearts and Instagram feeds, FB feeds shortly after The Mandalorian was released on Disney+. He had a memorable meme moment, leading many who had watch the show to fall in love with his huge eyes and mushy grin. Some may say that he even beat out Baby Groot in the rankings of tiny Disney aliens. With sudden popularity also comes the demand for merch, and since Baby Yoda (officially named The Child) has such broad appeal across demographics, you likely know someone who would go nuts over a themed gift in his honor. Star Wars fans or literally anyone with a heart will likely enjoy looking at this 3D Print, because you just can’t not smile when you see that face.

3D Printed Best Baby Yoda Gift

  • 3D printed

    26 hrs of print time

    4.5" tall  x 4" wide

    Super Light Weight

    Hand Painted

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