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This is a big one, and something that Brides and Grooms stress out about, but planning your reception seating doesn’t have to be hard with our Puzzle Seating Chart!  This is a memorable way to have fun with your guests. 


Why a Formal Seating Plan?

First things first.  Why should you have an actual seating plan?  Can’t guest just pick their own tables?  If you have ever attended a wedding that has no type of seating plan (and survived the mad rush to find a table), you know how crazy it can be.  Making a seating plan will make it so much easier for guests to find a seat, without having to “save seats” for their friends, and ensures that they can sit with their significant other, family or friends.  When weddings have no assigned seating, we also see a lot of guests pulling chairs to other tables, which can lead to a 10-top table squeezing in 14+ guests, and another table with 5 sad guests.

If you’re planning an event with a buffet, we don’t require assigned seating, but it’s still the best option to have at least assigned tables.  The easiest way to do this with our Puzzle Seating Chart near the entrance of the reception room, with guests names and table numbers listed.



Personalized Puzzle Seating Chart

  • 186 piece jigsaw: 75x52cm


    Each individual piece is approximatly 60mmx40mm in size leaving plenty of space for your guests name and table number. The puzzle is 4mm thick.


    We will also include an extra couple of pieces for free so that you can try your pens on them! Should there be a need, you can even buy additional spare pieces before or after your wedding (incase a piece gets lost for example) - we have it all covered! 


    For the centre of the puzzle is reserved for  "You Are A Piece Of Our Puzzle Find a Seat".

    The puzzle can be easily framed and will look amazing on your wall after your wedding.

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